Frequently asked questions

Are your pigs pasture raised?

No, they are not. They are raised in a old heifer shed that is closed in on 3 sides and has a roof. Pigs, like humans have skin that will burn. They are also on a concrete pad so we can clean their pen by scooping up their poop/manure and using on our fields next year. This helps grow nutrient rich corn and soy which is fed back to our pigs. To learn more about the Pig Poop circle, please check out this AgEd handout from Ontario Pork

How much room do I need in my freezer?

A half pig takes up as much room as two cases as beer. A half cow takes up half of a chest freezer.

How are your products packaged?

Our local butcher uses butcher paper and flash frezzes our meat. The exception is our beef burgers and sausage patties, which are put in a plastic sleeve and tied off with a twist tie.

How should I thaw my meat?

We recommend you put your meat in the fridge the day before you intend on cooking it. Please place in/on a container so it does not contaminate of items in your fridge.