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Did You Know...

Cameron mixes our own feed? After consulting a nutritionist, he combines the correct amounts of corn, soy meal and mineral mix so our pigs have a varied diet to stay healthy. In addition to giving them scraps from our garden, we are working on a relationship with a local brewery to procure spent grain for them as well.


186 years and counting...

The McKnight Family has been farming in Flamborough since 1832 and we are honoured to carry on this family tradition. Our farm, located in Rockton, was once a dairy operation we now use to raise our pigs. We also rent 100 acres where we keep our grass fed and grass finished beef. We are proud to provide hormone and antibiotic free, humanely raised, locally grown, quality meats. We are lucky to have a federally registered butcher nearby, who provides us with quality cuts helps keep our carbon footprint to a minumum. We are big believers in supporting our community and are sincerely grateful for the continued support that we have received so far.

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